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Opinion: Hydrogen-powered vehicles must be part of Colorado’s plan to get to zero emissions

One of President Joe Biden’s first acts as president was to sign a “Buy American” executive order that seeks to overhaul the federal government’s fleet of cars and trucks with electric vehicles (EVs) assembled in the U.S. And the U.S. Postal Service in February announced a new 10-year contract to overhaul its delivery truck fleet […]

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Wildfires make work to reduce Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions even more crucial, Gov. Polis says

Even as massive wildfires swept across northern Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis on Thursday urged  state air regulators to “never take our eye from the ball of the climate crisis.” The fires that have engulfed the state for months only underscore the need to meet the state’s  goal of reducing  greenhouse gas emissions, which have been […]

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Opinion: Time for Colorado utilities to step on accelerator for electric vehicles

Coloradans are pacesetters and pathfinders; we don’t let the way things have been, prevent us from embracing the new. Coloradans are enthusiastic about electric vehicles, and increasing numbers are considering buying electric in the next few years, according to recent surveys. They are excited about the technology, how much money they can save in fuel […]

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Colorado, Denver join 25 other cities and states in suing EPA for relaxing clean-car rule

Colorado and Denver joined 22 other states and three other cities on Wednesday to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for relaxing clean car standards that could impact the state’s new zero-emissions vehicle policy. In March, the EPA announced its final rule, which reverses changes made during the Obama administration to create one auto-emission standard […]

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Colorado unveils new plan to get more electric vehicles — of all sizes — onto its roads

With gasoline hovering around $1 a gallon and the economy reeling with COVID-19 uncertainty, the state’s plan to get to one million electric vehicles on its roads by 2030 hasn’t stalled. In fact, it’s hit the gas. The Colorado Energy Office introduced its updated 2020 Electric Vehicle Plan on Thursday, which for the first time […]

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Opinion: Colorado new car dealers welcome competition and electric vehicles

Legislation pending in the Colorado General Assembly, Senate Bill 167, has critics of the independently operated automotive distribution system in full cry. “The franchised dealer model is anticompetitive,” we hear.  “Colorado dealers are trying to keep electric cars out of the market,” they say. These critics either don’t know how the automotive dealership system works […]

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As more electric vehicles are on the way, Colorado’s tax incentives begin to wind down

Colorado is gearing up for an influx of electric vehicles, thanks to new state policies and pending legislation to increase the number of vehicles available for sale and who can sell them. But there’s one thing in decline — the tax credits available to new electric-car buyers. Colorado’s credit for new EV purchases dropped to […]

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Opinion: Colorado’s climate future is now. Let’s confront the challenges and seize the opportunities.

Colorado is on the front lines of climate change with impacts that are already affecting our state’s economy, quality of life and natural beauty. This is why the legislature and governor have adopted science-based emissions targets — to align our state with the scale and pace of emissions reductions needed to mitigate the worst of […]