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Opinion: Clean energy is the road forward to Colorado jobs and economic recovery, not just clean air

Since 2004 ━ when Colorado became the first state in the U.S. with a voter-approved renewable-energy portfolio standard ━ Colorado has been shifting toward clean, low-cost wind and solar. Since 2010, Colorado’s renewable-electricity generation ━ led by wind and solar ━ has more than tripled, accounting for 30% of the state’s total generation in 2020.  […]

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Opinion: Colorado’s climate future is now. Let’s confront the challenges and seize the opportunities.

Colorado is on the front lines of climate change with impacts that are already affecting our state’s economy, quality of life and natural beauty. This is why the legislature and governor have adopted science-based emissions targets — to align our state with the scale and pace of emissions reductions needed to mitigate the worst of […]

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Opinion: Why the zero emission vehicle standard matters — and what it means for Colorado

Expanded vehicle choice and more electric vehicles on Colorado roads will help provide air quality, health, and economic benefits across the state. Multiple studies show that Colorado will see significant economic benefits with higher levels of electric vehicle adoption, including driver savings, downward pressure on electric rates which benefits all ratepayers, and emissions reductions. Colorado […]