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wolf reintroduction

wolf reintroduction

It’s official: Voters decide to reintroduce wolves in Colorado

Proposition 114 passed as a flurry of Front Range-votes widened the initiative’s margin of victory, paving the way for the animals’ return to the Western Slope.

“We knew it would be tight”: Colorado wolf reintroduction riding on razor-thin vote margin

Proposition 114’s lead on Wednesday was hovering just above the automatic trigger for a recount. Opponents of the measure call the tight race “a moral victory.”

Coloradans are barely howling for the reintroduction of gray wolves

Proposition 114 measure would be the first time voters -- not federal wildlife biologists -- directed wildlife officials to reintroduce a species. But biologists think wolves are already in northwest Colorado.

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Opinion: If we’re going to reintroduce wolves, we better figure out how

Proposition 114 explained: What’s at stake with the effort to reintroduce gray wolves in Colorado

The question on Colorado’s November ballot marks the first time that voters, not the federal government, would direct state wildlife managers to script a recovery plan for wolves.

Colorado’s fight over wolf reintroduction has a new battleground: parasitic poop

Colorado Parks and Wildlife found a parasite that can lead to hydatid disease in the scat of a wolf pack in Moffat County. Opponents of reintroduction call it a “major public threat” while supporters call it “not news.”