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Chaffee County calls for more time, study of contentious Nestlé water-bottling plan

Chaffee County’s commissioners want more analysis of a plan by Nestlé Waters North America to pump as much as 65 million gallons of water a year from the Upper Arkansas River Valley for bottling in Denver.  After several meetings in the last two months featuring hours of public input — virtually all of it opposing […]

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Opinion: Colorado needs a water market to reduce Colorado River water use

In November 2018, the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) established support and policy statements for a Demand Management Program requiring Colorado River water reductions under a Demand Management Program to be voluntary, temporary, compensated and proportional.   The CWCB committed to working on the feasibility of a Demand Management Program in Colorado that would contribute our […]

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Officials restrict water usage from Yampa River for only the second time ever

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — The primary part of the Yampa River in northern Colorado is under water usage restrictions for only the second time ever. The move came because less water has been circulating to the lower part of the river, meaning users in that area are not receiving their legally protected share, the Steamboat Pilot […]

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Table tennis got the lion’s share of Colorado’s first $25 million in sports betting wagers

More than $6.5 million was wagered on table tennis matches in Colorado in May, accounting for about a quarter of the state’s first month of sports betting. Gamblers shelled out a total of $25.6 million in sports bets in May as they contended with a shutdown of professional American sports because of the coronavirus crisis.  […]

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To understand the future of the Colorado River, look to a frowny, eel-faced fish: the humpback chub

By Judy Fahys, InsideClimate News Charismatic is hardly the best word to describe the humpback chub, a fish with a frowny eel face jammed onto a sportfish body in a way that suggests evolution has a sense of humor. Nor did tastiness build a fan base for this “trash fish” across its natural habitat throughout […]

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College students find $564 solution to the million-dollar problem with Gillette Flats spring in Teller County

Two sophomores at the Colorado School of Mines designed a $564 system to allow an unclaimed but locally beloved artesian spring in Teller County to remain open. Installation not included. That is mostly because getting permission to install the few feet of connecting pipes, a water meter and a self-closing valve is among the last […]

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The closure of Colorado coal-fired powerplants is freeing up water for thirsty cities

Colorado’s rapid switch to renewable energy is having a surprising side effect: The closure of coal-fired power plants is freeing up precious water. Any newfound source of water is a blessing in a state routinely stricken by drought and wildfire, where rural residents can be kept from washing a car or watering a garden in […]

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Aurora, Colorado Springs own water near Leadville. They may need to redraw a wilderness area to access it.

Aurora and Colorado Springs want to siphon more water from Homestake Creek, even if it requires slightly shrinking the boundary of the Holy Cross Wilderness to build a new reservoir.  The cities’ request to drill test holes to better study the viability of a new dam below their Homestake Reservoir comes as Colorado’s congressional delegation […]

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Water crisis looms if Colorado fails to meet its legal obligations to other states, study warns

Water sufficient for more than 1 million homes on the Front Range could be lost and thousands of acres of farmland on the Western Slope and Eastern Plains could go dry if the state can’t supply enough water from the drought-stricken Colorado River to downstream states as it is legally required to do, according to […]