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New wolf attack in North Park puts cattle ranchers back on edge as reintroduction looms

The rancher will be reimbursed for the loss of the pregnant cow. Meanwhile, six protective burros were delivered to a nearby ranch that lost three cows to wolves earlier this winter.


Colorado wolf pup darted and collared to help wildlife managers better understand pack’s behavior

The pack of eight wolves known to be moving across ranches near Walden are blamed for livestock losses and the death of working dogs.


Ranchers in some states can shoot wolves that attack their livestock. But not in Colorado.

Attacks on cattle and dogs by wolves that migrated into northwest Colorado from Wyoming have stoked a rancher-wolf controversy sooner than expected.


How a rural Colorado town without a pharmacy is crowdsourcing to get meds

With no local access to prescription drugs, Walden residents are taking advantage of anyone’s trip to bigger cities to pick up medications for the rest of the town