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Colorado is still seeing a sharp drop in the number of kids being vaccinated amid coronavirus

Colorado already has worst-in-the-nation vaccination rates for childhood measles, and now health experts fear possible further declines

Colorado’s struggle to improve school vaccination rates shows the challenges ahead for a coronavirus vaccine

Before the pandemic hit, the state finally pushed its kindergarten vaccination rate above 90%, but access to health care and pockets of resistance are still issues

Colorado’s already low childhood vaccination rates plummet as parents put off doctor visits

Colorado families are avoiding vaccination appointments for fear of exposure to the coronavirus and doctors worry risk of a different disease outbreak is rising.

Wilson: Black and vaxxed — a complicated history clashes with the future of Senate Bill 163

Colorado lawmakers failed to pass a bill to improve immunization rates in 2019. Here’s what’s new this year.

Hundreds of people, many of them opposed to vaccines, filled the Capitol hallways Wednesday to testify on a bill that makes it harder to get an exemption

Colorado’s 2020 legislative session begins this week. Here’s a rundown of 10 issues to watch.

The state legislature’s break-neck pace from 2019 may not return, but expect fierce debates over health care, criminal justice, guns and transportation

The startlingly high cost of the “free” flu shot

Flu shots are relatively cheap compared with most health services, but considering the tens of millions of Americans who get vaccinated each year, those prices add up