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Housing demand is greater than ever but Colorado is building fewer homes than expected. Here’s why.

In a past life, Susan Ohlhaber helped people as a mental health counselor. Actually, it wasn’t that long ago. It was just last year. Then the COVID-19 pandemic began and she was laid off. Ohlhaber, who lives in Morrison, is now learning the difference between a jig saw, a circular saw and a reciprocating saw. […]

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What’s Working: How much federal COVID relief went to unemployed Coloradans?

The day is finally here and some will weep but others will likely be cheering. It’s the last day Colorado will pay pandemic unemployment benefits, if you’re reading this on Sept. 4. According to Department of Labor and Employment officials, about 107,000 Coloradans will no longer be eligible while another 30,000 people will no longer […]

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What’s Working: There are more job openings than Coloradans on unemployment. Matchmaking isn’t easy.

The pandemic has created an out-of-balance workforce, and there could be more big changes next month. On one hand, somewhere around 100,000 Coloradans will stop receiving weekly unemployment checks after Sept. 4, when federal pandemic benefits end. On the other, thousands of employers are trying to fill 126,773 jobs, the state’s official job board showed […]

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What’s Working: It’s a worker’s labor market in Colorado as wages rise

As Labor Day creeps closer, unemployed workers in Colorado are probably already mourning the coming loss of federal benefits on Sept. 4.  Some don’t want to believe it’s happening, Erin Joy Swank said Friday. She’s one of the moderators of the private Facebook group for unemployed Coloradans that has been tirelessly trying to steer people […]

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At least 87,000 Coloradans will lose all pandemic unemployment benefits in two weeks

With two weeks left of the federal unemployment program, more than 116,000 out-of-work Coloradans will be impacted by the end of federal relief, and 87,147 people will lose all benefits, state labor officials said.  “These federal programs are ending effective the week ending Sept. 4, which is the final week that claimants can request payment […]

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What’s Working: People say they want to work from home, but they’re returning to the office in droves

As large swaths of the office-worker community went remote during COVID and showed that it could work, many want to keep it that way, including folks who took the latest What’s Working survey on working from home. Most respondents did at one time or another during the pandemic (73.7%) and still do (63.2%).   Increased productivity […]

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What’s Working: Desperate times for employers as 134,000 Coloradans still are on federal unemployment

Located not far from the Telluride Ski Resort gondola, The Alpinist and The Goat needs help. Preferably, two waiters, a dishwasher and a prep cook. The downtown Telluride fondue restaurant pays wait staff a little more than $12 an hour, which is higher than the state’s $9.30 an hour for tipped employees. The days are […]

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What’s Working: As federal unemployment ends in 7 weeks, Colorado businesses are optimistic about their pandemic recovery

How optimistic are you about Colorado’s economic recovery? If you were one of the 250 business leaders surveyed for the University of Colorado business school’s recent quarterly economic report, your optimism was at “a record high.” The explanation?  “It was around the reopening of the economy, the vaccination rate and demand,” said Brian Lewandowski, executive […]