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Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson
Tim Jackson

Colorado new car sales tilt more toward EVs, but some green states are doing better

1st quarter 2022 buying habits show dominance of Tesla, the relentless march of SUVs, and disappearing old school sedans.


Colorado EV sales grew a lot in 2021. But was it enough to counter the impact of red-hot gas SUVs? 

Sales of clean electric vehicles and plug-in electric hybrids are ramping up fast statewide. But other trends call into question the greenhouse gas reduction plan.


Electric-vehicle makers want to sell directly to Coloradans. Dealers say that’s a “solution in search of a problem.”

Senate Bill 167 would let all makers of EVs, including Ford, sell their electric SUVs directly to customers, bypassing dealerships


The fierce debate over Colorado’s new zero-emissions rules includes auto dealers who are meeting future standard

The proposed ZEV rules aren't a fix for Colorado's air-quality problems, officials say. If adopted, nearly 94% of new cars sold in 2030 could still be gas-powered vehicles.


Auto dealers vow to keep fighting Colorado’s move to adopt less-polluting vehicle standards

The auto dealers sued to block the policy, but failed to convince a judge that lower-emission vehicles will cause “economic injury” to their industry


Opinion: Colorado Auto Dealers are peddling misinformation about electric vehicles

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