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Original Thinkers festival kicks off with an ode to joy in troubling times

As a high school student, Kaatje Jones’ first introduction to international politics was hearing from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.  Shortly after joining the PeaceJam chapter at Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, she and more than 3,000 other students participated in the organization’s conference in Denver in 2006, attended by 10 […]

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Telluride’s Original Thinkers festival is aimed at allowing us to “move forward in this confounding world”

It’s been a hard year everywhere. That weighed heavily on David Holbrooke as he mapped out a plan for the fourth annual Original Thinkers festival, which returns to Telluride Sept. 30 – Oct. 3 after a year of virtual offerings. “Yes we look at some serious issues, but this is meant to be a festival […]

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“Social Dilemma” movement wants to force change at tech companies. Lawmakers do too.

Boulder director Jeff Orlowski hopes viewers of “The Social Dilemma” will fuel a campaign to force Facebook, Google, Twitter and others toward a more humane business model, or enlist lawmakers to better regulate the social media giants. The hot new horror flick that simmered on Netflix’s Top 10 list for the past month features an […]

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Original Thinkers plans “an ingenious heist of people’s brains”

Not long ago, a friend observed David Holbrooke, founder of Telluride’s Original Thinkers Festival, at his post — leading  troops and extinguishing assorted fires. Impressed by Holbrooke’s multitasking, the friend praised him as the “ringmaster” of his festival’s circus.  Holbrooke replied that he prefers a similar, yet not-identical title: “Yeah, OK,” he said. “But think […]

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What does music really do to us? Original Thinkers festival taps The Boss, scientists and revolutionaries for the answer

TELLURIDE — Gwen Thompkins, a radio host and reporter from New Orleans, is playing clips from the Golden Record that NASA tucked into its 1977 Voyager spacecraft before it plumbed the most remote corners of the universe, a soundscape collected from around the planet including Chuck Berry and Louis Armstrong.  “Music grabs us by the […]

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A soldier’s plan to bomb an Indiana mosque was thwarted by a welcome that led to conversion to Islam

Richard “Mac” McKinney returned from his tours in Somalia and the Middle East consumed with rage. The Marine had tracked his enemy kills with little tear-drop tattoos on his arm. He stopped counting at 26. After 25 years of military service, his transition to civilian life in his hometown of Muncie, Indiana, did not go […]

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Original Thinkers festival mines for creativity in limestone quarry near Telluride

SAN MIGUEL COUNTY — In this place, where miners in the past harvested limestone from the mountains near Telluride, Gabriel Lifton-Zoline hopes to extract creativity and ideas. The decommissioned Deep Creek Mine is ground zero for an art, music and light show installation as well as the grand finale for the second annual Telluride Original […]

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Telluride’s Original Thinkers blends stories with art, music, movies, performances

The canyon walls that box end-of-the-road Telluride inspire some out-of-the-box thinking.  Big-thinkers in the shadows of those crags strung the first alternating-current long-distance transmission lines anywhere; they battled corporations and raised $50 million to buy and preserve the valley floor; they linked communities with the country’s first free gondola and they seeded first-of-their-kind festivals. “The […]