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Excerpt: An author savors family smiles in a poignant piece from the essay collection “Beautiful Flesh”

2018 Colorado Book Awards winner for Anthology Copyright by Lupe Linares Number nineteen fell apart unexpectedly when I bit into the world’s softest piece of garlic bread. Biting into that bread felt the way I imagined biting into a cloud might—airy, moist. My mouth seemed empty, but I could taste the hint of garlic and […]

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SunLit Excerpt: In “Trafficked,” betrayal begins a teen girl’s harrowing ordeal

2018 Colorado Book Awards finalist for Thriller 3,287 people are reported sold or kidnapped and forced into slavery every day. That’s almost 137 people an hour. More than 2 people every minute. Reported. What about those who aren’t? —Statistics from Force4Compassion CHAPTER ONE JAYLA Mama dumps her cup of instant coffee, laced with whatever booze […]

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SunLit Interview: An expert advised Peg Brantley that her book “Trafficked” shouldn’t take place “over there”

Peg Brantley, author of the book “Trafficked,” is a graduate of the Aurora Citizens’ Police Academy; participated in the Writers’ Police Academy; has interviewed crime scene investigators, FBI agents, and human trafficking experts; obtained her concealed carry permit; studied diverse topics from arson dogs to Santeria; and hunted down the real life locations that show […]

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SunLit excerpt: In “Hunting Hour,” a sheriff’s deputy struggles with her K-9 search for a missing girl

A 2018 Colorado Book Awards finalist for Mystery At the beginning of Hunting Hour, Deputy Mattie Cobb is in a dark place. Haunted by repressed memories from her childhood, she’s sleep deprived and emotionally and physically spent. An emergency text from the sheriff’s department interrupts Mattie’s Skype session with her therapist, calling her back into […]