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Tri-County Health director unsure if Colorado’s new coronavirus restrictions are enough, but “it’s worth a try”

Even as Gov. Jared Polis on Tuesday unveiled tighter coronavirus restrictions he hopes will avoid the need for a harsh lockdown, the head of the state’s largest local public health agency said he’s not sure whether the measures will be enough. But Dr. John Douglas, the executive director of Tri-County Health Department, said he is […]

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Colorado governor unveils new coronavirus restrictions aimed at preventing lockdowns

Gov. Jared Polis announced new coronavirus restrictions Tuesday aimed — at least temporarily — at preventing about half of Colorado’s counties from being forced into lockdown as COVID-19 sickens more people and fills more hospital beds each day. The new mandates are intended to give counties with a worsening COVID-19 situation another chance to improve […]

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Why another statewide lockdown is unlikely, even as Colorado’s coronavirus situation worsens each day

Coloradans are more likely to encounter someone with coronavirus now than at any point during the pandemic, state health officials say. Hospitalizations because of COVID-19 have surged to a new high. The state’s health care capacity is at risk of being overwhelmed in a matter of weeks. Yet Gov. Jared Polis has declined to place […]

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Colorado lawmakers focus on essential workers amid coronavirus, push to make paid sick leave a right for all

To lift public health restrictions and reopen Colorado, Democratic lawmakers say the first step is to protect essential workers like Mirja McDade in the retail and service industries. McDade’s past jobs in the restaurant industry didn’t include paid sick time, so she worked regardless of her health. “The food industry is probably the worst as […]

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Opinion: Why fighting epidemics is not left to politicians in Colorado

There is no nice way to say it. Dr. Florence Sabin and the Health Committee of the Colorado State Post-War Planning Committee in 1947 did not trust Colorado’s politicians to care for the public’s health. History supported their skepticism. The health of Colorado was abysmal. More than 40% of Colorado draftees for World War II were […]

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Carman: Welcome to Colorful Colorado. How about a side of COVID with your coffee?

For a long time, a surprising number of Americans have substituted ideology for reality. For them, facts are fungible. Science is for suckers. And some of these same Americans have come to believe that their innate privilege affords them immunity from all manner of unpleasantness. If you’re white and a member of a particular political […]