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Colorado’s rivers are starting to swell — but there are still feet of snow left to melt in the high country

Snowpack levels in some of the state’s river basins remain at about 50% of their peak. A man was killed rafting the Eagle River last week.


With snow still looming in the nearby San Juan Mountains, Lake City prepares for a deadly spring runoff

Hinsdale County residents aren’t waiting for the deluge. They’ll leave if they must, but for now they’re making their stand -- with sandbags.


Opinion: Just because it’s been a wet year doesn’t mean we can afford to waste water

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Colorado’s drought situation continues to improve, with just 11% of the state under dry conditions

Snowpack still is at 155% of average and the slow melt is allowing more water to be captured in reservoirs drawn nearly dry last year


Colorado’s fire season is expected to rate below average this year. But these days, below average is still hardcore.

Every one of the 20 worst fires in Colorado's history happened in the past decade


Colorado’s snowpack delivered an epic ski season. Now it’s rafters’ turn — even if they’re a little nervous

Snow that piled up this winter could come rushing down too fast and too fierce for river fun


Colorado, desperate for snow, explores new takes on the old idea of cloud seeding

The state, prompted by new research, looks to the skies as part of a multi-part plan to boost snowpack


A declining number of avalanche deaths in Colorado, the West in the past four seasons buoys hope

"We are seeing a success story. But the source of that success is very complicated," said Ethan Greene, director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center


Drought has revealed for the first time a Colorado town flooded to build a reservoir. And scientists expect to see it again.

All of the town of Iola has been revealed for the first time since it was inundated in 1966, but water experts say they expect it to happen again and again as the effects of climate change worsen

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