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Nebraska will spend $500 million to claim South Platte River water from Colorado

By Grant Schulte, The Associated Press LINCOLN, Nebraska— Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts announced a $500 million plan Monday to divert water out of Colorado under a 99-year-old compact between the states that allows Nebraska to seize access to Colorado land along the South Platte River and build canals. Ricketts said Nebraska would invoke its rights […]

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River ecologists are eager to show how beavers are critical to improving watersheds in the West

Beavers, known for their work ethic, tenacity and sometimes destructive instincts, are making a comeback in the worlds of science and water as researchers look for natural ways to restore rivers and wetlands and improve the health of drought-stressed aquifers. “The concept of beavers and their ability to restore streams is not new,” said Sarah […]

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Snowpack in Colorado, across the West is melting earlier than it did in the 20th century

When researchers analyzed decades of snowpack monitoring data across western North America, including many in Colorado, they found that snow at more than a third of the stations melted significantly earlier in the year than it did in the mid- to late-20th century. The new study from the University of Colorado is the first of […]

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Extreme drought conditions, coronavirus have Colorado wildfire managers anxious

High temperatures and an early snowmelt are causing growing drought worries in Colorado and have firefighters bracing for an unpredictable summer already complicated by the coronavirus. At least 76% of Colorado now is experiencing drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, with 11% of the state, mostly in southeast and south-central regions, under extreme […]