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What’s Working: Colorado program is looking for a few good older workers

As far as pandemic pivots go, Lisa Armao’s made a lot of sense. Her goal to set up an intergenerational preschool that paired older adults with mild dementia and preschoolers hit a wall after COVID-19 struck Colorado.  Schools went remote. Adults who could, stayed home. And her financial supporters, Boomers Leading Change, morphed into Experience […]

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SunLit Interview: Irv Sternberg found inspiration for his mystery characters in his neighbors

Irv Sternberg is a former journalist and public relations practitioner. He’s published 10 novels and three nonfiction books. A native of New Jersey, Irv has lived in Colorado since 1969. Tell us this book’s backstory. What inspired you to write it? Where did the story/theme originate? My book, “The Mervin Gardens Murders,” was inspired by […]

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What it’s like to hunt for a job in Colorado when you’re over 50

Cat McQueen, who joined the throngs of Coloradans who lost their jobs in the pandemic, has a droll sense of humor when sharing what it’s been like to look for a job at age 63. There’s the you-have-an-impressive-resume-but-we-went-with-someone-else response. “If you have impressive qualifications, what other qualifications do they seek,” wonders McQueen, who lost her […]

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In Colorado, one of the fastest aging states, one county had no home health or hospice provider for eight months

KREMMLING — Alta Sue Hawkins’ room is filled with what she calls her most important things. The sewing machine she likes to make aprons on. Dozens of books. A wall of family photos. It’s been her home for the last three years, tucked inside Grand County’s only assisted living facility. And it’s the place where […]

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SunLit Excerpt: A resource for navigating difficult family conversations about aging

Chapter 3: When You Are Concerned One of the hardest things to witness is when a loved one’s quality of life starts to decline. It might trigger different emotions in you, such as disappointment, regret, denial, resistance, or avoidance – you won’t know exactly how you will react or respond until it happens. So how […]