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Donor-conceived Coloradans would be able to learn their biological parent’s identity under new bill

Coloradans conceived with eggs or sperm donated after 2024 would be able to learn the identity of their biological parents when they turn 18 under a bipartisan bill advancing through the legislature.  The measure, Senate Bill 224, would be the first of its kind nationwide, advocates say. It would also require fertility clinics to take […]

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Colorado officials warn 2022 could be the worst wildfire year in state history

Colorado will pour an additional $20 million in federal funding into firefighting and prevention initiatives ahead of what officials say could be the worst wildfire season in the state’s history.  Above-average temperatures and below-average precipitation are predicted across the state through June, thrusting many parts of Colorado into more severe drought conditions and placing more […]

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State Rep. Amabile and Sens. Fenberg and Rankin: Filing a wildfire insurance claim shouldn’t be another trauma

Many Coloradans who lost their homes and all of their personal belongings in fire disasters are living another nightmare as they seek reimbursement from their homeowner’s insurance policies. Most of these folks chose policies based on what their mortgage holder required and insurance agent recommended. They paid their premiums in good faith, some for decades. […]

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Colorado Democrats, election officials are trying to prevent insider threats to election security

People who tamper with voting equipment or publish confidential voting system information in Colorado could face felony charges punishable by up to three years in prison under a measure introduced Friday by Colorado Democrats and backed by state and local election officials.  Senate Bill 153 would also bar those convicted of certain offenses, including attempting […]