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Sens. Fields and Hansen: Hands on the wheel, not on the phone

Distracted driving is responsible for up to 10% of fatal vehicle accidents in the U.S. It ranks as the top “human contributing factor” in motor vehicle crashes. Certainly, distraction may have many causes, from eating or applying makeup, to children and pets in the vehicle. But it has one prevalent — and deadly — cause […]

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Opinion: Racism is a public health crisis, but naming it isn’t enough

The intersectionality of race and health has always existed, but it has rarely been acknowledged by society at large. Then suddenly, after years of passivity, 21 states – including Colorado – have declared racism a public health emergency. Now, as encouraging as this may seem, the longterm potency of this kind of performative politics is […]

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Silverman: Plea bargaining with capital punishment as leverage is over now

Colorado’s death penalty died quietly last Monday. Public defenders, Pope Francis, progressive prosecutors and John Hickenlooper paved the way.  But it was Jared Polis who got it done.  Gov. Polis made the abolition official amidst our COVID-19 crisis. Paradoxically, one day after clearing Colorado’s death row — and commuting those sentences to life in prison […]

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Governor signs bill abolishing Colorado’s death penalty, commutes sentences of state’s 3 death row inmates

Gov. Jared Polis on Monday signed into law a bill abolishing Colorado’s death penalty, simultaneously commuting the sentences of the three men on the state’s death row. Polis converted the death sentences of Nathan Dunlap, Robert Ray and Sir Mario Owens to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The governor’s decision marks one […]

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Colorado lawmakers want to stop dogs, cats from being euthanized in shelters for lack of space

Sometimes, food and shelter just aren’t enough. A bill at Colorado’s Capitol says dogs and cats deserve more when they’re lost or abandoned — they need mental and emotional care, too.  Lawmakers want to discourage shelters from killing animals because of lack of space and ensure that dogs and cats are adopted, returned to their […]