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Advocates want to charge companies to create a statewide recycling program in Colorado

State Sen. Kevin Priola had his recycling epiphany while staring at an empty pizza box.  The grease stains on the lid spelled it out for the Henderson Republican: Colorado recycles only about 15% of its waste because recycling is too hard. Even a dedicated recycler like Priola was surprised to learn that cardboard with food […]

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Opinion: If Roe is to fall, Colorado needs to codify an affirmative right to abortion

Colorado has a long, proud history of protecting access to abortion and reproductive rights. We believe as part of our independent DNA that patients and doctors, not the government or politicians, should be making these decisions. We were the first state to decriminalize abortion – in 1967, six years before Roe v. Wade. It was […]

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Big idea: It may soon be illegal for Colorado to voluntarily share immigrants’ personal information with ICE

Personal information privacy is a hot topic these days, especially within Colorado’s immigrant communities. Many people refrain from accessing basic services — including coronavirus tests and vaccines — for fear their information will be shared with immigration officials. An upcoming bill seeks to assuage those fears. Sen. Julie Gonzales and Rep. Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, both Denver […]