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Researchers at CU-Anschutz are trying to crack the code on long COVID by looking at T cells

Researchers in Colorado have made a key discovery that could help doctors in fighting one of the most pernicious ongoing impacts of the pandemic. Long COVID-19 — the catchall diagnosis for long-term COVID symptoms that can afflict as many as 30% of people after they have recovered from their initial infection — is so common […]

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The life sciences industry is booming. Here’s how it affects the Denver metro.

The life science industry has thrived in Colorado for decades. But in the last year or two, more people are moving in and around Denver to research everything from diseases and medical devices to pharmaceuticals and drug discovery. That means there’s less space equipped with proper ventilation and technology and fewer labs available for research […]

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COVID vaccines don’t work for some people. For them, the pandemic remains terrifying.

Two weeks after her first shot of the Moderna COVID vaccine, Lori Welker went in for a blood test. Then she held her breath. The Denver mother of two suffers from EGPA — eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis, a rare inflammatory condition. It’s well controlled now, she says, but for years she received twice-a-year infusions of […]

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Coronavirus vaccines are rolling out across the world. So why are CSU scientists still working to develop new ones?

At his lab in the shadow of the hogbacks west of Fort Collins, Ray Goodrich has never been busier. “Lots of progress has been made across the board!” he beamed. A little over a year ago, Goodrich and several other scientists at Colorado State University dropped what they were doing and devoted their full attention […]