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Opinion: School choice is public accountability to parents

What is empowerment? It’s the process of becoming stronger and more able to confidently control one’s life. During the pandemic, and concerning K-12 education, empowerment has become a key factor for many families. Indeed, parents must be first in decisions impacting the lives of their most precious asset: their children. Our ability as a community […]

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Proposition 119: Colorado voters will decide whether to raise marijuana taxes to pay for out-of-school learning

Colorado voters will decide next month whether to raise taxes on recreational marijuana to help fund a new state program aimed at providing Colorado students with out-of-school learning opportunities. The program, called Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress, or LEAP, would pay service providers, like private tutoring companies or even public school teachers looking for extra […]

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Five takeaways from Colorado’s school choice enrollment numbers

By Yesenia Robles and Gabrielle LaMarr LeMee  Ju, Chalkbeat Colorado Students in Colorado crossed school district boundaries a little more than usual during the pandemic school year, according to enrollment data. Colorado’s open enrollment laws enable students to enroll in any school or district, even if they don’t live within that school’s attendance boundaries — although that choice can […]

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Opinion: To avoid lasting harm to our kids, let’s reopen classrooms and offer more educational choice

“Open the schools,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said earlier this month, speaking with a concurring Gov. Jared Polis, echoing what so many of us are pleading. Yet as things stand now, some Colorado school districts still are planning to mandate remote learning when instruction resumes in 2021, at least in early January. We’re all trying to […]