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Littwin: Primaries are coming up, meaning it’s time to see if Colorado Republicans will rebuke Trump

If you haven’t noticed — and maybe you haven’t because there has been so little TV advertising — Colorado is just weeks away from the critical June 28 primary elections. And I’m here to report that, according to the political gurus I talk to, no one has any real idea what the hell is going […]

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Nicolais: Colorado voters have until today to unaffiliate and participate in the primary of their choosing

Coloradans have until polls close on Election Day to register to vote. But, most important, those already registered with a political party have until today, June 6, to switch parties or unaffiliate ahead of the June 28th primary. It takes less than five minutes online through the Colorado Secretary of State’s website. Click the link, […]

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Incoming Colorado representative was one of more than a dozen state lawmakers in the U.S. Capitol riot crowd

By Cuneyt Dil, The Associated Press A second Republican lawmaker from West Virginia who marched to the U.S. Capitol to support overturning Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential win said in a radio interview Monday that he hopes President Donald Trump “calls us back.” State Sen. Mike Azinger told the broadcast outlet that the crowds loyal to […]