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Effort to loosen regulations on Colorado physician assistants fails after opposition from well-funded medical groups 

Heavy lobbying from well-funded medical groups hastened the dramatic defeat this month of a bipartisan bill that would have eased regulations on physician assistants in Colorado, proponents of the legislation say.  House Bill 1095 would have let physician assistants practice with less oversight from doctors, which the bill’s sponsors said would help increase access to […]

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Western Colorado is wary of gray wolf reintroduction. Will they have to pay for it, too?

When Colorado voters in November narrowly passed a ballot initiative to reintroduce gray wolves in western Colorado, detractors said it was a prime example of the state’s deepening rural-urban divide. It was urban voters on the Front Range who pushed the measure to passage, over the objections of rural and ranching Colorado. Now a bipartisan […]

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One in eight people struggle with infertility. Colorado lawmakers want insurance to cover treatment

When Tyler Wilson came home after his deployment in Afghanistan in 2005, he was paralyzed from the waist down. He had been shot four times and still had a bullet lodged in his spinal cord.  Ten years later, when he and his wife, Crystal, decided to start a family, they needed medical assistance. But insurance […]