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Colorado lawmakers aim to protect mental health therapists from billing headaches, clawbacks after a rough year

It’s been a rough year for Colorado mental health therapists willing to care for low-income patients on Medicaid.  Some were ordered last fall to pay back thousands of dollars to a middle-man contractor the state hires to handle billing for therapy they’d already provided, so-called “clawbacks” that threatened to close small clinics. Others quit taking […]

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State Rep. Amabile and Sens. Fenberg and Rankin: Filing a wildfire insurance claim shouldn’t be another trauma

Many Coloradans who lost their homes and all of their personal belongings in fire disasters are living another nightmare as they seek reimbursement from their homeowner’s insurance policies. Most of these folks chose policies based on what their mortgage holder required and insurance agent recommended. They paid their premiums in good faith, some for decades. […]

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Lawmakers looking for oversight of Colorado jails cut back bill after outcry from sheriffs

Colorado lawmakers have backed off a measure to introduce new health, safety and operational standards in state jails, instead opting to pursue a study after pushback from sheriffs and counties.  It follows the passage of a law last year, heavily opposed by sheriffs, to limit the use of solitary confinement in the state’s largest jails.  […]

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An attempt to ban mountain lion hunting in Colorado thrills animal activists, troubles hunters

When Colorado Parks and Wildlife commissioners in January 2021 allowed hunters in some areas to lure mountain lions with electronic calling devices, animal rights groups reacted with a new plan: asking lawmakers to ban hunting of Colorado’s wild cats.  “That was it for us,” said Aubyn Royall, the Colorado director of the Humane Society of […]