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How the 11 statewide ballot measures fared in Colorado. In short, it’s a split verdict.

Colorado voters made decisions on a roster of major policy positions that liberal and conservative interests put on the 2020 ballot. A number of the questions appeared confusing to voters — particularly the fiscal ones — and tens of thousands voted on the top candidates but not the ballot measures, an analysis shows. Here’s a […]

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Colorado election 2020 results: President, Senate, House and ballot questions

Colorado voters set turnout records in the 2020 election, driven by huge interest in the presidential race, a major U.S. Senate contest, a close battle in the 3rd Congressional District and a series of significant ballot measures. The Colorado Sun is tracking the election results in these top races and updating the counts in real […]

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Opinion: Proposition 113 and the national popular vote will make Colorado relevant again

Once enacted by enough states, the National Popular Vote will dramatically improve the way we elect our president in three ways: (1) one person will truly equal one vote no matter where that person lives; (2) the presidential candidate who earns the most votes nationwide will win the election with no exceptions; and (3) presidential candidates […]

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Colorado’s Proposition 113 is a linchpin in national popular vote campaign but major hurdles remain

Colorado’s decision on whether to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact could have implications across the country.  But even if Colorado voters opt to keep the state in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, experts say it’s still a long shot that the U.S. will change the way it elects presidents. Proponents will have […]

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Colorado 2020 election: A quick guide to the ballot questions on abortion, wolves, taxes, sick leave and more

Colorado voters will decide 11 statewide policy questions on the November ballot — a list of far-reaching measures that will help set the direction for the state’s future. The 2020 ballot asks voters whether Colorado should put limits on abortion and create a state program designed to provide paid time off to workers for medical […]

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Opinion: Defeat national popular vote to protect Colorado’s economy

Colorado voters this November face a consequential decision: whether to join the interstate National Popular Vote compact.  I strongly encourage a “No” vote, and here’s why.   A “yes” vote on Proposition 113 would require Colorado to award its nine (soon to become 10) electoral votes to the candidate who wins the most votes nationally, even […]

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Krieger: A lonely Colorado conservative makes the case for one person, one vote

In the real-time Schitt’s Creek we call 2020, Colorado’s Proposition 113 barely registers on the wacko-meter. But its peculiarities carry echoes of a time when political parties mattered more to our democracy than cable news gasbags. The most obvious oddity of Prop 113 is it asks voters to approve something — Colorado’s participation in the […]

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Is the Electoral College systemic racism? Some advocates and experts think so.

The current national reckoning on racial inequality is leading Americans to grapple with questions of systemic racism throughout many of the nation’s most long-standing institutions, whether policing, education or housing. One more disputed institution that Colorado voters will confront in the November election: the Electoral College. The Electoral College is connected to slavery, according to […]