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Colorado is behind on targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions. How far should the state push industry to get there?

The Polis administration is set this month to complete its “roadmap” for cutting Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions, but critics question whether the route is clear enough — and the milestones realistic enough — to get Colorado where it needs to go. In a nod to some of the challenges, air quality and energy officials are […]

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Jared Polis is taking big money from private donors to fund key positions in Colorado governor’s office

To deliver on his campaign promises and policy priorities, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is relying on wealthy donors and major advocacy organizations to pay the bill. The Democratic governor is accepting more than $1 million from donors, nonprofits and foundations to pay salaries and costs associated with six top policy positions, according to a review […]

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Proposition CC campaign is door-to-door combat as both sides turnout supporters ahead of 2019 election

Kane Randolph presses the doorbell at the home of a voter in Denver and readies his pitch. In the next few seconds — which is all the time he expects to get — he needs to explain Proposition CC, a 60-word question on the 2019 statewide ballot that is mired in baggage. When the door […]

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Colorado needs affordable housing. The state owns land. Can this combination work?

A block away from where state lawmakers try to solve intractable financial questions, like school funding and affordable housing, sit two dilapidated warehouses that could soon be put to work addressing both issues at once. Under an innovative plan hatched during the previous administration, the State Land Board has agreed to lease the publicly owned […]

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Gov. Jared Polis made headway on 22% of his campaign pledges so far, Promise Tracker analysis shows

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis finished signing legislation from the 2019 session this week, and now he owes the General Assembly a big thank you. The Democratic-led legislature sent dozens of bills to Polis’ desk that helped him make progress toward his campaign promises. A new tally from The Colorado Sun’s Promise Tracker shows the governor […]

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Colorado Gov. Jared Polis cheered the legislative session. But his scorecard is less certain.

Gov. Jared Polis’ assessment of this year’s legislative session is unequivocal. “From my perspective, the legislative session was a huge success,” he told The Colorado Sun in an interview last week. “I think they made real progress on issues that are important to real Colorado families.” A preview of this story appeared in The Unaffiliated, […]

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Jared Polis made a lot of promises in bid for governor. Here’s his progress on the 10 biggest.

When he kicked off his gubernatorial campaign in July 2017, Jared Polis promised to campaign on “big, bold ideas.” That’s one promise he would keep In the following 16 months, Polis pitched voters on more than 100 policy ideas big and small, promising to remake health care in the state, usher in historic expansions of […]

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At 100-day mark, Gov. Jared Polis evaluates his campaign promises and toughest moments

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis reaches the 100-day mark of his administration Thursday with plenty to celebrate, even if he didn’t deliver on one of his top campaign promises. This week, the Democrat’s top agenda item — a measure to provide state-funded, full-day kindergarten — won a key victory, and other legislation he supports is advancing […]

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Jared Polis Promise Tracker: A look at the progress on his 2018 campaign pledges

Democrat Jared Polis took office Jan. 8, 2019, with an ambitious agenda and plenty of campaign promises to keep More than 125, by our count. To track them, The Colorado Sun launched an accountability project — The Polis Promise Tracker — the day after the 2018 election. His promises include major policy goals, such as […]