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Democrats want Colorado to be one of the nation’s first presidential primary states in 2024

The Colorado Democratic Party wants to make Colorado one of the national standard-bearers when it comes to the 2024 presidential primary. The state party last week notified the Democratic National Committee that it intends to apply for early presidential primary status in two years, which would likely guarantee more and earlier candidate visits to Colorado. […]

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Colorado election 2020 results: President, Senate, House and ballot questions

Colorado voters set turnout records in the 2020 election, driven by huge interest in the presidential race, a major U.S. Senate contest, a close battle in the 3rd Congressional District and a series of significant ballot measures. The Colorado Sun is tracking the election results in these top races and updating the counts in real […]

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A new poll in Colorado shows Democrats poised for big wins in the 2020 election. Can you trust the numbers?

A new poll conducted just days before the 2020 election shows Democrats Joe Biden and John Hickenlooper are poised for double-digit victories in Colorado. Biden, a Democrat, leads President Donald Trump 53% to 41% in the presidential race with only a fraction of voters undecided, according to the Keating Research poll of likely voters shared […]

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Colorado money tracker: A look at the candidates and campaigns spending to influence the 2020 vote

The majority of the money spent in a political campaign is aimed at persuading voters to pick a certain candidate and turnout to vote. The tools of the trade are familiar: television commercials, glossy mailers, yard signs, flashy digital ads, text messages, phone calls and more. What is less visible: The entities spending the money […]

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Opinion: The presidential race reminds us: American society still hasn’t outgrown ageism

Say what you will about Ronald Reagan as a policymaker, he’s had little competition for the ability to defuse “the age issue” with a one-liner that can stand through the ages. When Walter Mondale’s 1984 campaign was making an issue of Reagan’s re-election age of 73, Reagan used his impeccable Hollywood timing in a debate […]

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Bernie Sanders wins Colorado’s Democratic presidential primary, but late ballot surge may tighten race

Bernie Sanders won the Democratic presidential primary in Colorado on Tuesday, building from his dedicated fan base in the state. But an 11th-hour surge in ballots may help former Vice President Joe Biden close the gap and split the race for delegates. The Associated Press called the race for Sanders a moment after voting ended […]