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Here’s how Colorado competes with the world to secure coronavirus tests and supplies

Cory Gardner was brainstorming ways to help secure coronavirus tests and medical supplies for Colorado last month when he realized he had a way to help: his Asian contacts. Domestic supply chains were tapped and Colorado wasn’t getting all the critical equipment it requested from the federal government. “The governor was always on the phone […]

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Why winning the Democratic primary in Colorado won’t be easy for Bernie Sanders this time around

The way Colorado picks presidential candidates is completely different from 2016, when Democrats in the state felt the Bern. Colorado will hold its first presidential primary in two decades next year instead of political party caucuses, a move that is expected to dramatically increase turnout and will allow unaffiliated voters to participate in determining the […]

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This week’s presidential debates will give some Democrats — like Colorado’s John Hickenlooper — a last chance to shine

By Sara Burnett, The Associated Press Democrats gathering in Detroit for a pivotal presidential debate will have to decide, once again, how to respond to President Donald Trump while presenting their own vision for the country. Candidates are sure to use the high-profile setting on Tuesday and Wednesday to blast Trump’s recent string of racist […]