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CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA. Here’s why Colorado companies are pushing for that to (quickly) change.

Inside a nondescript office building in Englewood, a deafening alarm stops a team of workers in lab coats and hair nets. It’s a sensor alerting staff to a potential problem with the product, tiny bottles of cannabidiol moving along a conveyor belt at a swift pace.  The vials are headed to a fulfillment warehouse where […]

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New Mexico marijuana legalization poses a serious threat to Colorado’s lucrative border-town pot shops

TRINIDAD —When Colorado legalized the retail sale of marijuana in 2012, savvy entrepreneurs saw an opportunity beyond setting up shop in population centers like Denver and Boulder.  They realized if they opened cannabis businesses in small towns along the state’s borders, they could attract customers from Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Wyoming, where […]

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How much do we know about marijuana’s medical capabilities after 163 years of claims? Just a little.

It’s not so much the claims made about the magic qualities of cannabinoids that prick up the ears — curing tuberculosis, anxiety, chronic pain, liver disease. Pretty standard hype in a world of consumers slathering themselves inside and out with anything labeled CBD or THC. It’s the year. The advertising hype about miraculous treatment of […]

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Coronavirus fuels marijuana industry’s push for online sales, delivery in Colorado

By Thomas Peipert, The Associated Press Colorado has made online sales of recreational marijuana legal during the coronavirus pandemic, fulfilling one of the pot industry’s biggest wishes and fueling its argument for more concessions that could be made permanent when the crisis eases. It’s one of several signs emerging from the virus outbreak of just […]

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American pot is the gold standard. But Canada leads the export game — for now.

By Markian Hawryluk, Kaiser Health News In a large warehouse, LivWell Enlightened Health feeds its cloned cannabis plants a custom blend of nutrients, sprays them with filtered water and pumps extra carbon dioxide into the air. LivWell releases three types of insects to clear the plants of unwanted pests without the use of toxic pesticides. Every part […]

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Polis signs into law bills on marijuana delivery, social use and investment that will change the pot industry

 Laws signed by Colorado’s governor could bring big changes to the state’s marijuana industry, including the creation of businesses where people can consume cannabis and companies that deliver marijuana products. The changes don’t take effect immediately. Voters in a city or county must first approve of allowing both new varieties of marijuana businesses. State regulators […]

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Germany, the capital of beer, looks to Colorado with worry and curiosity as it considers legalizing cannabis

BERLIN — On a warm Saturday evening at Berlin’s Gorlitzer Park, cherry trees protect strollers from the sun, and children chase kites on the lawn. Students hang out in a sunken crater where constant Frisbee-throwing has turned the grass to dirt. The “Gorli” was once a proud bahnhof, a huge train station where Hitler stood […]