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Colorado Democrats are heading into the 2022 election cycle in a position of strength, poll shows

Democratic Gov. Jared Polis and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet lead a generic Republican candidate, the survey shows, and generic Democratic statehouse candidates would beat their GOP counterparts.

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Western wildfires, drought, coronavirus boost public fears about the state of public lands, new polls shows

The survey of people in Colorado and 7 western states reveals spiking concerns about climate change, strong support for action, and how communities of color take public lands issues personally


A new poll in Colorado shows Democrats poised for big wins in the 2020 election. Can you trust the numbers?

Democrat Joe Biden leads Donald Trump, and John Hickenlooper outshines Republican Cory Gardner in a survey conducted just days before the election

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Seven big takeaways from Cory Gardner and John Hickenlooper’s third — and most fiery — debate

The two U.S. Senate candidates faced off hours after Colorado elections officials began mailing ballots to voters across the state

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Cory Gardner takes offensive, levels attacks in first U.S. Senate debate against John Hickenlooper

The Democratic rival attempted to ignore the broadsides from his GOP opponent but defended himself against ethics charges

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Health care, the environment, coronavirus: How the pandemic has become a top election-year issue in Colorado

In the marquee U.S. Senate race, Cory Gardner is facing pressure from John Hickenlooper and other Democrats to do more to respond to the pandemic. But the Republican is also touting his response to COVID-19 in television and Facebook ads

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Colorado polls: How Cory Gardner and John Hickenlooper are polling in the 2020 U.S. Senate election

Colorado polls: How Donald Trump and Joe Biden are polling in the 2020 presidential election

To get a sense of where the 2020 presidential election stands, The Sun is tracking the latest state-level polls showing the approval ratings for the Republican and Democratic candidates and the head-to-head contest.

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Donald Trump’s Colorado troubles are evident in his poll numbers, new analysis shows

The president's approval rating among voters sat near 45% at the start of his term and has only gone down as the 2020 election approaches.

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Gardner and Hickenlooper initially agree to only one debate in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race

The two rivals for U.S. Senate put forward dueling debate proposals that didn’t align and may limit voters’ chances to hear from candidates

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Cory Gardner starts the U.S. Senate contest in negative territory. And the reason why is simple.

The Republican incumbent’s approval rating hit its high mark in 2017 and fell ahead of the race against Democrat John Hickenlooper, a new analysis shows

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Andrew Romanoff is closing the gap after John Hickenlooper’s stumbles, poll indicates

Romanoff’s campaign released an internal poll Thursday showing him still down 12 percentage points ahead of the June 30 election. That’s a wide margin, but represents a far closer race than it was before.

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Most Coloradans don’t think state should reopen until more coronavirus testing is available, poll says

The survey finds partisanship influences who is trusted and what steps Gov. Jared Polis should take next in Colorado


Colorado hits a new milestone with unaffiliated voters and busts the myth about its even partisan split

40% of Colorado voters are now unaffiliated, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their votes are toss-ups in the 2020 election

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Michael Bennet looks to New Hampshire to give his 2020 presidential campaign new life

The Colorado senator filed paperwork Wednesday to qualify for the 2020 Democratic ballot in the Granite State and remains bullish about his campaign’s prospects

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The next fiscal fight in Colorado starts now: A bid to repeal TABOR and one to raise taxes on top earners

The defeat of Proposition CC on the 2019 ballot is not deterring a movement by liberal groups for a graduated income tax system

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Colorado’s highly coveted unaffiliated voters overwhelmingly support Trump-impeachment inquiry, new poll shows

The question is key to how voters view the candidates in Colorado’s pivotal 2020 U.S. Senate race. The poll also showed former Gov. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, easily besting Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner in a hypothetical matchup.

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Polling shows support for a tax hike to pay for a Front Range passenger train. But the devil is in the details.

The effort — showing 61% support for a sales tax increase to pay for the route — is starting off strong and supporters can make their case to state lawmakers. However, that share will likely decline when an exact tax increase is finalized.


John Hickenlooper hasn’t announced a U.S. Senate bid yet, but he’s already reshaping the 2020 race

The possibility of a campaign by Colorado’s former governor has kept other big-name Democrats from getting into the race and prompted those already running to play defense

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The top Democratic and Republican pollsters in Colorado agree: 2020 is not looking good for the GOP

The turnout models in two recent 2020 polls favor voting populations kind to Democrats and ones that don’t support President Donald Trump

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