Littwin: They didn’t arrest the driver who sped through Aurora protesters, but they did arrest the guy who shot at the Jeep

No one, by the way, is happier than Trump when mostly peaceful protests turn violent. It’s his campaign strategy. That’s why he’s sending more U.S. marshals/border patrol agents/secret police to Portland.

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Denver gives state troopers ability to enforce city laws around Capitol, governor’s mansion at Polis’ request

The move gives the Colorado State Patrol more leeway to stop graffiti and address encampments on state-owned land in Denver. It comes as a growing number of people camp out near state-owned buildings.

Littwin: As feds sweep Portland streets, there’s no reason to think Denver couldn’t be next

For Trump, this is probably no more than an attempt to revive his fading re-election hopes. But in reality, sending in unwanted and unneeded and unmarked federal agents is so much worse than that.

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Threats, vandalism, job loss: Colorado’s public health officials are under attack as they respond to coronavirus

Across the state, public health departments are facing a barrage of vitriol as they respond to the pandemic. Some officials have up and quit under the pressure, while others who stay say they fear for their safety.

Jim Morrissey: See no evil…

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Rifles, mine-resistant vehicles, robots: How Colorado police have used a federal program to stockpile military gear

More than 100 Colorado police and sheriff’s departments have received surplus military equipment under the federal 1033 program. Officials defend the acquisitions, saying they’re needed to keep officers safe.