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Colorado lawmakers withdraw bill aimed at removing racial bias in jury selection

A bill aimed at addressing racial bias in how Colorado juries are picked was withdrawn by Democratic state lawmakers after the legislation faced unanimous opposition from the state’s 22 district attorneys.  The measure, Senate Bill 128, would have prohibited attorneys from trying to disqualify a potential juror from service based only on reasons such as […]

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Colorado’s new state House and Senate maps drew several Democrats into Republican districts and vice versa

One Democratic state senator was drawn into a district that now leans heavily in Republicans’ favor. A GOP House member, meanwhile, will run in a district that’s now solidly Democratic.  And a handful of incumbents will have to decide whether to challenge their colleagues in an awkward primary or general election contest or quickly move […]

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The ACLU has become a powerful player at the Colorado Capitol. But at what cost?

The ACLU of Colorado team credited with helping pass a slate of sweeping criminal justice reform measures abruptly resigned this month amid questions about whether the organization — powered by a jump in donations and a favorable political climate — was too aggressive in wielding its new status as one of the most influential groups […]

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Colorado effort to limit arrests for low-level criminal offenses dies in statehouse committee

A measure that would have limited Colorado law enforcement from making arrests for low-level criminal offenses died in a statehouse committee on Monday after it failed to receive enough support from Democrats to move forward.  It’s the second version of the legislation to be rejected this year.  Senate Bill 273 sought to reduce jail populations statewide by […]

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Opinion: Legislation to reduce Colorado’s jail populations makes sense for safety and social justice

This past summer’s worldwide protests against police brutality and calls to defund the police greatly increased discussions and renewed awareness of widespread structural and institutional racism that is normalized in America.  The racial justice movement in America was clearly alive and well. It finally seemed possible to many that we could make substantial changes to […]

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Colorado prisons have strict limits on when they can place inmates in solitary confinement. Jails could be next.

Ryan Partridge had a number of run-ins with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department in 2016. At the time, he suffered from paranoia, delusions and psychosis, and was in and out of jail for minor charges.  While in jail, Ryan Partridge was often placed in a restraint chair or kept in solitary confinement for several days […]

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Rep. Amabile: Solitary confinement is tantamount to torture. Our bill would restrict it in Colorado’s jails.

This past year has been one of loneliness and isolation for many. We have been denied the company of family and friends. The things that bring us joy and help us mark the time have been taken away. Social distancing and quarantine have taken a toll on our collective mental health.  However, as we’re isolated […]