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Colorado attorney general in discussions with other states about legal action to protect U.S. Postal Service

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser says he is in discussions with colleagues in other states about whether to take legal action to preserve the U.S. Postal Service — and, more broadly, people’s right to vote — ahead of the November election. The talks come as national fears over the Trump administration’s degradation of the Postal […]

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How Colorado will run an election amid the coronavirus and what it means for the June primary

The start of early in-person voting this week in Colorado marks a key test for officials across the state on how to conduct an election in the middle of a pandemic. The June 30 statewide primary will serve as a trial run for the all-important November election and offer clues about whether the emergency public […]

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State and local laws push more registered sex offenders into low-income Colorado communities

The laws requiring the names of convicted sex offenders nationwide to be catalogued, and available to the public, bear the names of children sexually assaulted and murdered by predators who had committed sex offenses before. The goal was to prevent the same from happening to other children. The Jacob Wetterling Act. Megan’s Law. The Adam […]

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Denver moves forward with plan for supervised injection site for IV-drug users

Denver City Council approved plans Monday night to open a supervised injection site where IV-drug users could inject heroin near staff standing by with the life-saving antidote to opioid overdose. The two-year pilot program is contingent on state legislation that would create criminal immunity for those using drugs at the site, a sterile clinic containing […]