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Karen Augé

Special to The Colorado Sun


State and local laws push more registered sex offenders into low-income Colorado communities

Data shows disproportionate number of offenders live in impoverished neighborhoods, and community organizers aren’t happy about it.

Protecting kids from porn? Assaulting free speech? Library critics take aim at public databases.

Colorado parents’ lawsuit and conservative group claiming to defend “virtue and freedom” claim national information provider made online porn available to kids -- deliberately


Death of boy, 7, found in Denver storage unit, could spark new rules about following up on kids at risk who are pulled from school

Caden McWilliams was officially withdrawn from DPS last fall to be home schooled, but police believe he was already dead


Nurses do. Lawyers do. But Colorado doctors don’t have to take continuing education courses

Colorado is one of only four states that does not require any continuing medical education for physicians.


For some, home schooling is not about learning. It’s about hiding child abuse.

Colorado's lax oversight for home-schooled children removes one common method of spotting abusive behavior