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Patrick Neville

Patrick Neville

Littwin: As if state GOP didn’t have problems enough, now there’s Patrick Neville doxxing reporters

It’s not just about so-called fake news. It’s an abuse of power from a party leader. The question is whether the state GOP will do anything about it.

Colorado lawmakers water down requirement that counties comply with coronavirus restrictions to get aid

On the final day of Colorado’s special legislative session, during which 10 bills were passed, Democrats in the General Assembly backtracked on one of the most controversial aspects of their $200 million-plus relief package

Colorado lawmakers will return for special session to address coronavirus relief

Gov. Jared Polis wants lawmakers to take immediate action on elements of his $1.3 billion stimulus package that includes relief for restaurant owners and other small businesses

Where do Colorado Republicans go from here?

No Republican running statewide has won more than 45% of the vote in the past two election cycles. Conservatives think Donald Trump is a big factor, but there's also broad agreement the party has a messaging problem, too.

Colorado Democrats debate need for diversity in selecting their statehouse leadership

The debate among Democrats in the House and Senate reflected the heightened importance of diversity within the Democratic Party following a summer of social unrest around race and police abuse

Democrats dominate campaign fundraising and spend big to build majority in the Colorado legislature

A Republican leadership rift is hurting fundraising and one lawmaker blames a “serious strategic error” for some of the troubles

Nicolais: The ad attacking Brianna Titone is an ugly miscalculation

Focusing on the gender of Colorado’s first transgender legislator is both bad politics and dumb

Patrick Neville says he won’t seek Republican leadership role in Colorado House

It already appeared the Castle Rock Republican was going to be voted out of his position

Health care, the environment, coronavirus: How the pandemic has become a top election-year issue in Colorado

In the marquee U.S. Senate race, Cory Gardner is facing pressure from John Hickenlooper and other Democrats to do more to respond to the pandemic. But the Republican is also touting his response to COVID-19 in television and Facebook ads

Nicolais: Bandimere Speedway is racing into a wall

After Bandimere speedway joined with local activists to protest mask mandates, it seems set for a crash course in court

Jefferson County sues Bandimere Speedway, claims track violated coronavirus orders

Jefferson County Public Health's district court suit seeks an injunction requiring the Morrison race track to comply

Colorado Supreme Court declines to hear Republican challenge to Gov. Jared Polis’ mask mandate

The court made the decision less than two days after the legal action was submitted by Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville and Michelle Malkin

Patrick Neville, Michelle Malkin file lawsuit challenging Colorado’s mask-wearing mandate. It likely faces a steep hill.

The mask mandate was issued by Gov. Jared Polis on July 17 after saying earlier that such a requirement was unenforceable.

Littwin: The COVID-19 situation is serious enough that Polis had to risk humiliation in issuing a mask-wearing mandate

Jared Polis had said earlier in the week that mandates don’t work. But, as Colorado cases grow, he has gone from “wear the damn mask” to wear the damn mask or else.

Colorado’s governor issues statewide mask mandate days after saying such a requirement is unenforceable

The move comes as the number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations has been rising in Colorado over the past several weeks

Incumbents, slate backed by super PAC cash head to victory in run for Colorado statehouse

Weld Republican says it’s “a new chance for the conservative effort in Colorado.”

10 major issues being decided in the final hours of Colorado’s 2020 legislative session

State lawmakers have been busy in the final days of an odd, abbreviated lawmaking term. Here are the big-ticket items that you’ll want to know about.

Colorado Democrats hand opponents of vaccine bill opportunity to repeal measure at ballot box

Opponents of Senate Bill 163, should it pass as expected, would have until September 12 to collect more than 124,000 signatures to block the legislation from going into effect and force a vote in 2022 on whether to repeal the measure

Carman: Welcome to Colorful Colorado. How about a side of COVID with your coffee?

Hundreds gather at Colorado Capitol to protest coronavirus stay-at-home order

Streets around the building in downtown Denver were clogged with vehicles, many of them with American flags attached and passengers hanging out of windows waving signs.

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