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Opinion: The COVID-relief act has tangled online resellers in ridiculous tax red tape

As much as we hoped everything would be back to normal in 2022, the pandemic is still making life tough for many Coloradans. Personal savings that lasted through the past two years are dwindling, and certain government programs that helped with everyday expenses are set to expire. Knowing the economic uncertainty that lies ahead, it’s […]

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Here’s where the jobs are in Colorado as unemployment surges during coronavirus’ economic meltdown

On Wednesday, the Mesa County Workforce Center job hotline shared nine new jobs, including one for a full-time engineer earning $6,322 a month. A day earlier, there were five new ones, including a part-time youth services specialist paying $22.62 an hour. There’s been a steady flow of new job listings as the shutdown to slow […]

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Opinion: is abusing its power and bullying smaller businesses. But this could make us stronger.

I’ve seen it a million times: Bad decisions come to life despite good intentions. It’s part of business, it’s part of life, and hopefully, part of growing.    As a fellow outdoor industry business owner, I was honestly and simply blown away as I read the news about the TSG/ suing spree. The outdoor industry community […]

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Outdoor enthusiasts aren’t letting go of their backcountry without a fight. As news spreads about’s recent slew of legal actions against small business owners using the word “backcountry” in their names, so is public outrage. LATEST COVERAGE Nov. 6 — breaks its silence amid trademark lawsuit controversy to apologize and say “we made […]

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Amazon deliveries — essential in Colorado mountain towns — causing package pile-ups, long lines at tiny post offices

CRESTED BUTTE —  The newest winter endurance activity in this recreation-minded town hasn’t involved skis or fat bikes. It has involved patience — more patience than some can muster — while waiting for service at the local post office. Over the Christmas holidays and still stretching into this new year, Crested Buttians have had to […]