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Littwin: More and more people are apparently done with COVID, but is COVID actually done with us?

It requires no special insight to realize that the national mood on the pandemic is in the process of making a dramatic shift, even as the “mild” omicron variant continues to kill Americans at a disturbingly high rate. There is hope, even among some medical scientists, that after omicron finally leaves us, the pandemic will […]

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Colorado schools bend but don’t break under omicron surge

At Evelyn Gonzalez’s Denver high school, the Italian teacher, who luckily speaks Spanish, filled in last week for the Spanish teacher, who was out sick for two days. So many students were absent from Haven Coleman’s history class at another high school that the teacher held off on teaching the day’s lesson rather than have […]

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Colorado’s fiscal outlook keeps getting better, with even larger TABOR refunds on the horizon

Economists are more optimistic about Colorado’s tax revenue future than they were three months ago, even though labor and inflation strains continue and amid uncertainty caused by COVID-19. The headwinds have so far not been “strong enough to slow the impressive growth,” said Meredith Moon, the deputy director of the Governor’s Office of State Planning […]

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Omicron variant expected to become dominant form of COVID in Colorado as state’s first case of community spread is identified

Gov. Jared Polis said Thursday that he expects omicron to become the dominant form of COVID-19 in Colorado as he announced that health officials believe they have identified the state’s first case of community transmission of the variant. Polis said five people in Colorado have been infected with the omicron variant so far. He didn’t […]

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Pfizer says its COVID booster offers protection against omicron variant

By Lauren Neergaard, The Associated Press Pfizer said Wednesday that a booster dose of its COVID-19 vaccine may offer important protection against the new omicron variant even though the initial two doses appear significantly less effective. Pfizer and its partner BioNTech said that while two doses may not be protective enough to prevent infection, lab tests showed […]

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Omicron variant detected in Colorado woman who recently traveled to Africa

The omicron COVID-19 variant has been detected in a Colorado woman who recently traveled to countries in southern Africa, Gov. Jared Polis and state public health officials announced Thursday. The woman lived in Arapahoe County and returned to Colorado late last week. “She is experiencing minor symptoms and is isolated and recuperating at home,” the […]