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Colorado’s omicron-driven COVID wave appears to have crested — but not everywhere in the state

Colorado’s record-breaking wave of COVID infections caused by the virus’s omicron variant appears to have crested, state officials said Thursday. Reports of new infections began declining about a week ago, as did the percentage of tests coming back positive. “We have multiple ways of looking at data to try to estimate if the decrease we […]

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Colorado’s omicron-driven COVID spike has reached record heights. Here’s how to make sense of it.

Colorado’s omicron variant-driven surge in coronavirus infections is obliterating daily records in the state, leading to the most dizzying spike of the pandemic. At the same time, hospitalizations during the spike are rising slower — though still at a worrying rate. The result is a fast-changing situation that is challenging some of the state’s foremost […]

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The omicron variant may now account for as much as half of all new Colorado COVID infections

The omicron variant is rapidly gaining steam in Colorado, now accounting for potentially as much as half of all new infections, the state’s top epidemiologist said Wednesday. After several weeks of decline, COVID cases in Colorado have begun to rise again – though they are still about 50% below where they were in early November. […]

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COVID cases are down in Colorado, but the new omicron variant could change that

While the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 has seen a slight decline, public health officials fear the new omicron variant could change that. No confirmed cases of the potentially more transmissible variant have been detected in Colorado.  The omicron variant was first identified overseas last week and there’s still a lot experts don’t […]