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Health care coverage for more than a half-million Coloradans at stake in Obamacare fight at Supreme Court

State law is a backstop to many of the most popular consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act

Jim Morrissey: Can Cory Gardner pull health care out of a hat?

Here’s how Cory Gardner’s bill would and wouldn’t protect people with preexisting conditions

The Affordable Care Act already safeguards people from being charged more for health insurance based on medical history, and Gardner’s bill contains none of the usual features of legislation

Cory Gardner wants to get rid of Obamacare. But it’s not clear what he plans to replace it with.

The Republican senator from Colorado talks more often about what he doesn’t want -- Obamacare, a public option, Medicare For All -- than his ideas on how to achieve his goals of driving down costs and improving care

Opposition to Obamacare becomes political liability for Cory Gardner and other Republican incumbents

Despite Cory Gardner’s multiple votes to repeal the ACA, he has largely avoided talking about the measure during the 2020 campaign

Opinion: The ACA changed how we treat cancer — and it is all at risk because of our current leadership

Colorado sues Trump administration over mandate that insurance companies send separate bill for abortion coverage

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser says the policy is an administrative nightmare that intentionally confuses people

Opinion: Let’s stop choosing between buying food or healthcare. The urgent need for Medicare-for-all

What would happen if the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare — went away?

What would go away ― meaning which provisions consumers have become accustomed to ― if the law is eventually struck down? Let’s take a look.

Opinion: Sen. Gardner, prioritize heath care of Colorado families, not special interests

Nicolais: Could Hickenlooper clear the field as Cory Gardner did in 2014? Not likely.

John Hickenlooper may be the Colorado version of Joe Biden, a popular general election candidate rejected by a base lurching to the left

Colorado’s reinsurance program is the biggest thing to happen to health care in the state in years. It might not last.

With a federal lawsuit looming over the entire Affordable Care Act, are this year’s big insurance savings just a one-time deal?

Colorado lawmakers approved a public option for health insurance. Now the state has to figure out how to actually build it.

A stakeholder meeting in Keystone shows how many different ideas there are on what should be -- and what shouldn’t be -- included in a state-backed health insurance plan.

In rural Colorado, emergency medical services struggle to keep money-losing ambulances rolling

High costs, low rates and scarce job applicants are forcing ambulance services to consolidate, take on new tasks and outsource

Three reasons why Colorado lawmakers spend so much time tinkering with health insurance for a small percentage of people

The individual market dominates discussions at the state Capitol about how to reform health coverage

To fund their No. 1 health care priority, Colorado lawmakers look to a new source: Money originally earmarked for affordable housing

The program would be smaller and hospitals would have to chip in less, but Colorado's reinsurance bill still faces hurdles

Colorado’s proposed first-in-the-nation health insurance program just got a big rewrite. Here’s what changed.

Colorado hospitals say they want to see lower insurance premiums, even if it means they must foot the bill

Colorado lawmakers are backing big health care system changes. But the Trump administration may get the final say

Even if Colorado lawmakers pass bills to address high insurance and prescription drug costs, the plans still need approval from the federal government

Colorado lawmakers nixed an experiment to allow people to buy into state employees’ health coverage. Here’s why

The inability to make the proposed pilot program work could impact Colorado’s plan to create a health insurance “public option”

Colorado joins lawsuit against Trump administration’s effort to increase Obamacare birth-control exemptions

The legal action was one that Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, a Democrat, promised in January to join

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