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Charges against 2 Colorado women accused of killing their newborns point to need for more awareness of Safe Haven law

The recent arrest of a young Highlands Ranch woman whose dead newborn baby was found hidden in her home — the second newborn murder case in Colorado in the past four months — underscores the reasons behind Colorado’s rarely used “Safe Haven” law.  The law, passed in 2000 after similar cases involving young mothers, allows […]

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Pregnant women in Moffat County have lost their obstetrics care, the latest victims of the rural health crisis

CRAIG — Stacy Hendrickson planned to have her baby at the hospital in town, just a few minutes from her home and a couple of turns down some quiet, snow-covered streets. But in January, when she was not quite seven months pregnant, Memorial Regional Health shut down its labor and delivery department. Pregnant women can […]

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A decade into the opioid crisis, Colorado hospitals have changed the way they treat opioid-exposed babies. And it’s helping.

Two years ago, Colorado babies born addicted to opioids often were given doses of methadone or morphine and, on average, stayed in the hospital for 17 days as nurses weaned them off the drugs. Now, the average hospital stay for a newborn going through opioid withdrawal has dropped to 6.5 days. And instead of treating […]

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It’s been legal to drop off newborns in Colorado since 2000, so why aren’t suspicious infant deaths declining?

They will tell her someday, a few years from now, how she became their daughter. “Baby Doe” was her original name. She was born at the Big Bunny Motel on West Colfax Avenue, weighing 5 pounds with a head of dark hair and street drugs running through her tiny body. Her grandmother walked her to […]