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Silverman: Let’s be anti-racist and anti-Nazi. And watch their enablers.

Executive failures and bigotry are killing us. Prosecutors and cops swear to uphold and execute our laws. Not throw people down and execute them on city streets.  Derek Chauvin mercilessly killed George Floyd. It was televised. Hennepin County prosecutor Mike Freeman waited all week to authorize an arrest. Why? All it takes is probable cause!  […]

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Wilson: Stuck On Stapleton? Colorado has plenty of non-racist heroes who deserve to be remembered

The bad guys aren’t supposed to win, especially when good people make the rules. Newsflash: Klansmen are the bad guys.   They are terrorists, and should be remembered that way. The body count doesn’t lie. The lynchings were real, and the dead don’t return. In a sane society, racists and bigots don’t get monuments. They are not venerated immortals […]

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Opinion: For modern progressive liberals, love can win, but it will take some personal heroism

2019 is a strange time for the contemporary progressive liberal. We stand before an epic precipice, our communities active and engaged and staring an honest, hostile threat in the eye. We are building a bridge toward 2020 across vast gulf of uncertainty, on the remnants of messages for hope and change that we could believe […]