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Kiowa Schools will keep Indians mascot

By Chancy J. Gatlin-Anderson, Special to Colorado Community Media The Kiowa School District in Elbert County won its year-long battle to keep its Indians mascot on May 19, when the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs voted to allow the district to keep the Indians name and imagery.  Among dozens of schools placed on a list last year for being out of […]

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Colorado schools with “Thunderbird” mascot set to get one-year reprieve from $25,000 monthly fines

Colorado schools that could face $25,000 monthly fines over “Thunderbird” mascots are poised to be granted a one-year reprieve to come into compliance with a 2021 state law banning American Indian nicknames.  The one-year delay, tucked into a school finance bill working its way through the legislature, applies only to schools added after 2021 to […]

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Lamar and Yuma schools cling to Savages and Tribe after being told to drop Native American mascots

The Lamar and Yuma school districts were told last week that their preferred team names – Savages and Tribe, respectively — likely would not comply with a new Colorado law that bans the use of Native American mascots. “Savages is probably the worst word I’ve heard out there, out of all of them,” said Manuel […]