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Conservative group backing Colorado’s national popular vote measure fueled by out-of-state money, tied to Democrats

An issue committee called Conservatives for Yes on National Popular Vote is running ads in Colorado to persuade Republicans to support their effort to change the way the U.S. elects presidents.  “We are a group of conservatives … from both Colorado and from across the country who believe that the candidate who gets the most […]

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Federal agents arrest man in Colorado suspected of setting Minneapolis police precinct on fire

A Minnesota man arrested in Colorado has been charged on suspicion of setting some of the fires that destroyed a Minneapolis police station on a night when protests over the death of George Floyd turned violent. Dylan Shakespeare Robinson, 22, appeared briefly in federal court in Denver by video on Tuesday to be advised of […]

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Colorado’s Jason Crow launches effort to boost police accountability, federal misconduct investigations

A Democratic congressman from Colorado introduced a bill Thursday that seeks to gather racial policing data from across the nation, create a federal task force to investigate local law enforcement misconduct and provide financial incentives to agencies that implement pilot programs to reduce wrongdoing.  “This should have happened a long time ago,” said U.S. Rep. […]

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Here’s what it was like for prior generations growing up in fear of disease: Science prevailed.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is here. With all the fear, isolation, and social distancing, it feels like a new era. Prior generations, however, have lived through parts of this, minus the technology.  My grandparents lived through the H1N1 Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-1920, which killed an estimated 675,000 Americans. Though the epidemic sprang up in […]