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A rare new coal mine in southern Colorado adds to Trinidad’s economic revival

The new operator of the New Elk Coal Mine outside Trinidad sparks a dormant economic engine while grappling with Colorado’s trademark issues of housing and positive drug tests.


“The Bad Old Days of Colorado” explores the dark underbelly of the unruly early settlers

The author takes an unsparing look at the dark characters who ventured west, with sordid tales of cannibalism and behavior frequently fueled by whiskey, including the aptly named Coffin Varnish


Vancouver company digs deep on due diligence in effort to revive historic Ouray silver mine

Aurcana Silver Corp. prepared for the venture by studying a long list of failed North American mines before drilling down to resume production at a once-thriving site in the San Juans


A former mining camp is converting into a boutique getaway, sparking hope in Montrose County’s West End

With luxury cabins and an emphasis on art, Naturita looks to the past and seeks to rebuild its economy around tourism and outdoor recreation.


Drilling, mines and other projects hastened by Trump’s coronavirus order

Projects to be fast-tracked include the Lake Powell water pipeline in Utah; wind farms in New Mexico and off the Massachusetts coast; and mining projects in Nevada, Idaho, Colorado and Alaska.


Opinion: William Perry Pendley is unfit to manage my Indigenous homelands

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A federal court ruled a coal company couldn’t build a road on public land near Paonia. The company did it anyway.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in early March eliminated an exception that allowed a coal mine expansion in the Sunset Roadless Area


Glenwood Springs citizen group sues BLM over quarry decisions

Politically connected mining company proposes massive expansion of a mine above Glenwood Springs that citizen group fears will damage the city's hot-springs dependent tourism economy.


When an Ivy League chemistry professor agreed to move West, the mining industry changed forever

From authentic documents and correspondence, author Ellen Kingman Fisher created a historical novel of Nathaniel Hill's journey to Colorado with his wife Alice

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How organizing an archive ignited a fascination that became a Colorado author’s historical novel

As a young Colorado Historical Society volunteer, Ellen Kingman Fisher learned about mining innovator and Colorado politician Nathaniel Hill. Her interest endured.

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Newly discovered “Witches’ Pantry” cave above Glenwood Springs could further complicate mine expansion

The cave news comes as Rocky Mountain Resources CEO retires and the company reports monthly losses of $830,000 and cumulative losses of more than $35 million


County suspends new mining permit applications, blocking expansion of limestone mine near Glenwood Springs

The moratorium imposed in Garfield County means Rocky Mountain Resources Industrials cannot make changes to its special use permit for a limestone mine north of Glenwood


Glenwood Springs is spending $1.2M in tax money on a public affairs campaign to fight a mine above town

The city is assembling a war chest to ward off an "existential crisis" stemming from a politically connected company, Rocky Mountain Resources, that wants to expand a limestone mine just above Glenwood Springs' famous hot springs


Chris McDougall takes another run at extreme athletics, this time running with burros

Bestselling author of “Born to Run” rescued a mistreated donkey. It led him to Colorado’s tribe of pack-burro racers.


Court upholds Trump move to drop mine pollution rule forcing companies to show their clean-up ability

The mining industry has a legacy of bankrupt companies abandoning polluted sites and leaving taxpayers to cover cleanup costs.


Trump administration says its decision to lift moratorium on coal sales from public lands won’t increase emissions

About 40% of coal burned in the U.S. comes from federal leases, primarily in Western states including Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana and New Mexico


The politically connected owner of a Glenwood Springs quarry wants a massive expansion. Residents are preparing for a fight.

Rocky Mountain Resources' connection to the powerful Denver-based Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck lobbying firm — and Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, a former Brownstein lobbyist — have residents worried about a fair outcome with the Mid-Continent Quarry


The legacy of Colorado’s historic abandoned mines includes new, and critical, habitat for opportunistic bats

In "Gold!" the author journeys to an old mining spot in the Sangre de Cristos to witness the creatures' massive nightly exodus

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50 million gallons of polluted water pours daily from mine sites across the U.S., including Colorado

That torrent is poisoning aquatic life and tainting water supplies in Montana, California, Colorado, Oklahoma and at least five other states.


Cory Gardner, Scott Tipton bring new “good Samaritan” bill to address abandoned mines and stoke solution for $50B problem

Congress has been debating for decades how to deal with the $50 billion problem of abandoned mines across the U.S.