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Contractors walked out, used foul language as Colorado’s school COVID testing struggled, emails reveal

In the first weeks of Colorado’s COVID-19 school testing program, a team hired to perform testing showed up late to their assignment at an elementary school in Montezuma County.  When they arrived, they couldn’t get their technology to work, refused to perform work their company was responsible for under its deal with the state and […]

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Housing in small Colorado towns is “damn near a crisis.” But the solution isn’t as easy as just building more.

MANCOS — There’s no affordable housing in Mancos. Zero rental units. Nearly no houses on the market. The town’s school district struggles to hire teachers because they can’t find a place to live. It’s the same story with the town government, the hospital and the nursing home.  It’s an “overwhelming issue” for the town of […]

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An apple revival near Four Corners is restoring hundreds of historic fruits — and the local ag economy

MCELMO CANYON — The apple orchard on Jude and Addie Schuenemeyer’s farm in a squiggle of a canyon in far southwest Colorado is a wild place. Turkeys gobble around on the hunt for bugs in native grasses that grow nearly as high as the gnarly limbs of the apple trees. Those trees are set hither […]