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Silverman: Denver and Atlanta were linked by boycotts long before the All-Star Game

The morning docket finally finished near noon. I hustled to 16th Street and boarded the shuttle. Exiting at Blake Street, I rushed four blocks north to an open field where a small crowd assembled. Attendees were handed two bags of peanuts in special packaging commemorating “Coors Field Groundbreaking — Oct. 16, 1992.” Sensing a baseball […]

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Fact-check: Colorado makes voting far easier than in Georgia. Here’s how.

Misinformation curveballs about Colorado’s election laws are flying around social media after Major League Baseball decided to move its All-Star Game to Denver from Georgia. The league made the decision after Georgia’s legislature overhauled its election laws in ways that many critics argue will make voting more difficult, especially for people of color and for […]

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The Brown Bombers, a little-known Black baseball team, shook Colorado’s segregated sports world

In 1949, the Brooklyn Dodgers had Jackie Robinson. Colorado Springs had the Brown Bombers. Just two years after the Dodgers’ star broke Major League baseball’s color barrier, the Bombers achieved their own historic diamond breakthrough — one equally fraught with racism, but also marked by achievement and celebration.  Seventy-two years ago, no one outside of […]