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Colorado’s tiny mountain post offices are hamstrung — for the second straight holiday season

Last year’s nightmares went unfixed, amplifying problems when the coronavirus sent retail shopping online, coupled with a spike in deliveries, to spectacular highs


A test of Colorado mail finds delivery is timely — most of the time

Rhetoric from Washington, D.C., has people worried about the U.S. Postal Service's ability to deliver mail-in ballots. An unscientific assessment of delivery times in Colorado shows the system works pretty well.

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Postal Service says it has already delivered to Coloradans 75% of its flyers containing incorrect mail-in voting information

The USPS says, additionally, more than 200,000 postcards -- or about 10% of the total printed -- are in the process of being delivered and are already commingled with other mail

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Colorado joins multi-state lawsuit against the U.S. Postal Service

The lawsuit was filed in Washington state, whose attorney general is leading the legal action

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Colorado attorney general in discussions with other states about legal action to protect U.S. Postal Service

The talks come as fears over the Trump administration’s degradation of the Postal Service ahead of the November election have reached a fever pitch

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Denver health officials order coronavirus closure of U.S. Postal Service facility serving millions in Colorado, Wyoming

Denver Department of Public Health and Environment issued the order Thursday, the day after investigators said they were denied full access to the facility


The 25 most read Colorado Sun stories of 2019

These are our stories that received the most readership over the past year, from our investigation into to coverage of Denver International Airport and environmental issues


Opinion: Casers and streeters and the case of the undelivered mail ballots in Colorado

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Colorado voters will be able to cast their presidential primary ballots on the same day as New Hampshire’s

The Iowa caucuses will still kick off the presidential primary election season, but Colorado -- because of mail-in ballots -- will share the status as one of the earliest battlegrounds for candidates

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A lot more than you might realize goes into getting your Colorado mail-in ballot from A to Z

A look behind the scenes of Colorado’s system of mailing ballots to every voter in the state and what it means for the U.S. Postal Service

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