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Lost Wages Assistance

Lost Wages Assistance

What’s Working: A new $375 stimulus, small business grants and tales from Colorado’s unemployment queue

Also: A very important form for renters facing eviction; unopened emails; and a child-at-home mistake

What’s Working: Colorado unemployment rate drops to 6.4%, $19 million for small businesses, plus “Lost Wages” leftovers

It’s the last day to certify for the $300 LWA, but if you’ve been stuck in the state’s unemployment system, there’s still $180 million left.

What’s Working: Unemployment backlogs, backdates and overpayments in Colorado

Plus: Fidelity has 300 jobs available, PPP forgiveness has begun, understanding your place in unemployment’s alphabet soup and more!

What’s Working: “Lost wages” gets a new deadline, overpayment forgiveness, small business updates and more

Do the 70,000 to 80,000 folks eligible for “Lost Wages” not want their $300-$1,800? Plus, the latest on small business loans, housing help and the new unemployment portal.

What’s Working: One third of Colorado’s share of “Lost Wages” still unclaimed, plus a new portal to the unemployment office

Did you know a Denver organization hosts a weekly “Who’s Hiring” webinar every Wednesday? Read on for the latest on navigating jobs in a pandemic.

$338 million in federal “Lost Wages” relief paid to Coloradans so far

About one-third of $553 million for the extra $300 weekly benefits remain, and must be claimed by Oct. 10. About 6% of jobless Coloradans are not eligible

What’s Working: Thousands of fraud holds lifted for Colorado unemployed, while more face pricier health insurance

How some things unexpectedly went from bad to worse for some out-of-work people in Colorado. Plus, Lost Wages benefits begin, more unemployment fraud news and other updates in this week’s What’s Working.

Unemployed and nearly homeless, jobless Coloradans whose benefits are on hold are crying for help

Those stuck in Colorado's overwhelmed unemployment system are struggling with basic survival

Coloradans rejected from $300 Lost Wages unemployment program over the weekend may be eligible after all

The $300 is part of the Lost Wages Assistance program, a $44 billion program funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency under an executive order from President Donald Trump

The $300 “Lost Wages” bonus begins, Amazon is hiring like crazy and answers from Colorado’s labor department

The chaos of pandemic employment continues but What’s Working has got you covered.

Colorado’s unemployment rate fell again in August, but there’s a growing number of underemployed people

The hospitality industry has been slow to recover, which put Denver among the five Colorado counties with the highest unemployment rates. Also: The Lost Wages Assistance payments of $300/week has begun.

$300 unemployment bonus runs into technical snags in Colorado after people overwhelm request system

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment disabled its online certification system for the Lost Wages Assistance, created by President Donald Trump, and will notify eligible users when it’s ready again

What’s Working: Extra $300 unemployment benefit gets a start date and how Colorado overpaid $40 million in jobless aid

Plus: Hiring by an agency for the homeless, the D.C. COVID relief update and resources for help with rent, utilities and other bills

What’s Working: The situation with PUA benefits. Plus, why action is needed to get extra payments.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of Colorado’s unemployment system takes us deeper into holds on PUA payouts, extended benefits and fraud.

What’s Working: Spanish-speaking virtual agents, extra $300 weeks approved and a new small business fund

PUA claims are up because of ... fraud? Plus, the wait to get a call back from the unemployment office is now “four to eight weeks."

Some unemployed Coloradans will see Trump’s extra $300 a week benefit starting in mid September. But it won’t last.

The president’s Lost Wages Assistance will only help people who have already filed for unemployment. And the Trump administration only provided Colorado enough money to last three weeks.

Trump’s order to extend unemployment benefits could cost Colorado $31.1 million a week — money it doesn’t have

Meanwhile, the state’s unemployment trust fund will run out of money this month while there are still nearly 311,000 workers receiving jobless benefits