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Colorado’s hair discrimination law — the CROWN Act — goes into effect

The Colorado law also redefines the characteristics of discrimination to include “hairtexture, hairtype, or a protective hairstyle that is commonly or historically associated with race."

Colorado’s red flag gun law was used 73 times in its first 7 months. Here’s how the rollout has gone.

Denver County saw the highest number of red flag cases at 25. El Paso and Jefferson counties were tied for second with eight cases each.

Colorado’s 2015 law changing how officer-involved shootings are reviewed still lets police agencies investigate themselves

State lawmakers and prosecutors are vowing to push for and support changes after questions from The Colorado Sun about the measure

Joe Neguse wants to direct billions to public lands to help Western states recover from coronavirus

The Boulder County Democrat says it’s time to “go big and be bold” with his sweeping 21st Century Conservation Corps for Our Health and Our Jobs Act, which provides economic relief from coronavirus shutdown while investing in overlooked forest management, wildfire mitigation and civilian corps.

Effort to boost Colorado’s vaccination rates heads to governor’s desk after deal

Senate BIll 163 won final approval in the Colorado Senate and House on Saturday after days of fierce debate at the Capitol and opposition from Republicans

Colorado’s coronavirus lawmaking term was supposed to be subdued. But it’s just as wild as ever.

A spate of controversial bills, from tax increases to vaccines, have made the final days frenetic and frustrating to the GOP and business groups.

Cory Gardner introduces bill adding 40,038 acres of wilderness to Rio Grande National Forest

The Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Additions Act marks Gardner's first-ever wilderness bill for Colorado and would add more than 40,000 acres of wilderness in the San Luis Valley 

The effort to ban flavored vaping products, menthol cigarettes in Colorado now has a big asterisk

Menthol cigarettes, which would have been banned under the original legislation, account for more than 20% of cigarette sales in Colorado. Outlawing them would have been an enormous tax revenue hit

Auto dealers, electric-vehicle startups reach compromise to allow Colorado direct-to-consumer sales

Senate Bill 167 would clarify which automakers are allowed to sell electric vehicles without a dealership, after Tesla found a loophole

Opinion: Parenting is tough enough. Here’s a way to help Colorado families get ahead.

Opinion: Forced arbitration helps big companies but hurts Coloradans. Let’s even the playing field.

Rural Colorado sees more broadband options coming online. But getting up to speed is taking longer than anticipated in some areas.

The expansion goes nicely with the state’s goal to get rural Colorado up to speed -- to 92% by June from 87% today

Child sex abuse survivors victimized decades ago won’t be able to sue despite Colorado effort to end statute of limitations

House BIll 1296’s sponsors said they didn’t think they could pass a measure if it was retroactive

Republican anti-LGBTQ bills at the Colorado Capitol test: Where does the party stand?

A number of GOP members of the statehouse declined to talk about the measures. Several who did said they disagree with the slate of legislation.

A Colorado lawmaker brought a short-term rental bill he never intended to pass. It created an uproar.

Dozens of lobbyists and lobbying firms are working on the bill, the short-term rental industry is urging people to flood the Colorado Capitol, and affordable housing advocates and local governments are celebrating

A partisan lawsuit is looming over Colorado’s 2020 legislative session — and getting costly for taxpayers

Republicans in the state Senate last year sued Democrats when they used several computers to speed-read legislation GOP lawmakers wanted to be read at length. The legal action remains ongoing.

Colorado poised to revisit murder law that can send people to prison for life — even when they didn’t kill anyone

A Democratic state senator wants to change the penalties for violating Colorado’s felony murder law to take life in prison without the possibility of parole off the table

If Congress doesn’t raise the tobacco-purchasing age to 21, Colorado lawmakers next year will try to

A pair of Democrats have already been working on legislation to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products in the state, which is currently 18 years old

Spring Café linked refugees with state lawmakers. A shortage of immigrants means the Denver coffee shop will close.

Spring Café's operators say they can’t find new refugee arrivals to fill jobs at the coffee shop, citing a decrease in people resettling in Colorado under the Trump administration

A Snapchat video of a 13-year-old boy’s suicide roiled a Colorado town — and left police chasing social media ghosts

Multiple middle-schoolers in the small community of Dacono reported watching a video of Von Mercado's death — that then vanished from their phones — frustrating officials and leading to a new state law.

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