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legal marijuana

legal marijuana

Colorado’s top federal prosecutor says banks working with marijuana industry have “no carve out” from prosecutions

U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn says his office has never prosecuted a bank working with the legal cannabis industry -- or a pot business operating legally under state law, for that matter. But that doesn’t mean they are in the clear

Colorado teens are switching from smoking marijuana to eating it, study shows

State and federal surveys have found teen use of marijuana remained relatively stable since Colorado began allowing adults to buy and use marijuana in 2014

Where does Colorado’s marijuana tax money go? The state made a flow chart to answer the $1 billion question

Colorado's $6.5 billion cannabis industry now has almost 3,000 licensed marijuana businesses and more than 40,000 people who are licensed to work in them

Authorities raid 247 Colorado homes, seize more than 80,000 marijuana plants in years-long operation targeting black market pot

State and federal officials said the nearly three-year investigation showed that illegal marijuana trafficking mushroomed after voters approved recreational use in 2012

Did the Colorado Supreme Court just throw the state’s marijuana-legalization regime into question? The chief justice seems to think so.

A case about drug-sniffing dogs could turn into a watershed moment in Colorado marijuana law. Or not. Legal experts are split.

Anyone who works in marijuana — legal or not — can be denied U.S. citizenship, immigration authorities say

In Colorado, immigration attorneys say at least two green-card holders were denied citizenship because they worked or had worked in marijuana-related jobs. There are probably more, they say.