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What’s Working: As coronavirus cases increased, so did the number of Coloradans filing for unemployment

As coronavirus cases in Colorado are on the rise again, so are business restrictions and, ultimately, the number of Coloradans finding themselves newly unemployed. The number of folks on unemployment for the first time increased 25% during the week of Halloween from the prior week, pushing over 10,000 for the first time since July 25. […]

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Eviction ban or not, Colorado tenants still worry about their rent while landlords struggle to survive

Vikki Miller began 2020 with a divorce. Then the coronavirus started spreading in Colorado. Now she faces homelessness.  The Colorado Springs resident stopped working as an Uber driver in March and hasn’t returned because her immune system is compromised. She’s been unable to find a new gig that lets her work safely at home. In […]

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Colorado governor bans evictions for tenants who can prove financial hardship because of coronavirus

Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday issued an executive order banning Colorado landlords from evicting tenants who can prove financial hardship because of the coronavirus crisis. The order, which lasts at least 30 days, comes after the Democrat faced months of pressure from housing advocates to protect renters from losing their homes during the pandemic. Polis […]

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“COVID is still affecting everything”: Fears still mounting over a forthcoming Colorado eviction surge

Tenants and renters’ rights advocates across Colorado say eviction moratoriums and delays fail to protect large swaths of lower-income families from the crushing financial fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, as displacement quietly builds in the renting economy. Optimistic tallies of on-time rent payments from the Colorado Apartment Association reflect higher-income renters in higher-end units owned […]

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CDC directs halt to most evictions through 2020 to prevent more coronavirus spread

By Kevin Freking, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has issued a directive halting the eviction of certain renters though the end of 2020 to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Federal, state and local governments have approved eviction moratoriums during the course of the pandemic for many renters, but those protections […]

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When coronavirus eases up in Colorado, 450,000 renters could face eviction, study says

A snapshot study by eviction defense lawyers warns that more than 450,000 Colorado renters are at risk of being evicted from their homes in coming months when guidance against removing tenants expires, putting depth to the economic crater caused by COVID-19 lockdowns and layoffs.  “The COVID-19 Eviction Crisis” draws on analysis by attorney Zach Neumann […]