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Opinion: Climate action requires smart growth, not Lakewood’s plan

On Sunday, Dr. Gary Wockner published an opinion piece in this publication claiming Lakewood’s recent “Slow Growth” ordinance — capping residential development to 1% and requiring council approval for 40+ unit developments — is not only a smart move to tackle the explosion of growth but also an effective climate action plan. He’s simply wrong […]

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Opinion: By slowing growth, Lakewood enacts Colorado’s strongest climate action plan

Lakewood voters should be applauded across Colorado this week — the wrecking ball of growth steamrolling our state has finally met its match at the ballot box.  By a six-point margin on July 2, Lakewood voters enacted a “Slow Growth” ordinance that restricts the amount of new residential development in the city.  This kind of […]

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Bureau of Land Management more likely to relocate to Denver than Grand Junction, Polis says

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis says the Bureau of Land Management is more likely to relocate its headquarters to Denver than Grand Junction, even though his administration is more supportive of the federal agency moving to the Western Slope. Either way, the Democrat said he’s “cautiously optimistic” Colorado will win the bidding war with other Western […]

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It’s been legal to drop off newborns in Colorado since 2000, so why aren’t suspicious infant deaths declining?

They will tell her someday, a few years from now, how she became their daughter. “Baby Doe” was her original name. She was born at the Big Bunny Motel on West Colfax Avenue, weighing 5 pounds with a head of dark hair and street drugs running through her tiny body. Her grandmother walked her to […]

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A city where all the traffic lights are green? The tech is live in Lakewood and coming soon to other Colorado cities

Wondering when a red traffic light will turn green? Now, there’s a car for that and if it happens to stop at a red light at one of the 142 equipped intersections in the city of Lakewood, the driver can see a countdown to the next green. Better yet, these vehicles, which include newer models […]